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Parents Desperate, As Mother Gives Birth to Siamese Twins in Benue (PHOTO)

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Parents Desperate, As Mother Gives Birth to Siamese Twins in Benue (PHOTO) Empty Parents Desperate, As Mother Gives Birth to Siamese Twins in Benue (PHOTO)

Post by SKOOKID on Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:50 pm

Parents Desperate, As Mother Gives Birth to Siamese Twins in Benue (PHOTO) Twins_300x216

Mr. Andrew Musa, a Corporal with the Nigerian
Police Force, Otukpo division could not believe
what he saw when he was called upon by the
hospital authority on Thursday, 1st August to make
himself available at the maternity ward, where his
wife, Mrs. Ene Musa Andrew had just given birth to
a joined twin through cesarean operation.
It was gathered that the parents of the Siamese
twins were astonished at the birth of what they
described as a “strange being”.

“There has never been any trace of this
unfortunate and mysterious incident in either my
family or my wife’s lineage. I have only read or seen
it happening in the western world as reported in
newspapers and televisions, but never imagined it
was coming to my domain.” Those were the only
words Mr. Musa Andrew could mutter while
standing perplexed and resting on the wall of Saint
Daniels Hospital, Otukpo.

The Proprietor of Saint Daniels Hospital Otukpo,
Dr. M.O. Daniel disclosed that the Siamese twin
have four hands, three legs, two heads, two chests,
two noses and possess the same pelvic girdle but
joined together at the abdominal region with a
shared female organ, with one having a healthy
nutrient of surviving than the other. Dr. Daniel
further disclosed that the twins were eating well
but it would be semblance situation if the parents
were not kin at their treatment because it would
require high-tech surgical operation outside Benue

The parents were also told that a lot of medical
skills, energies and prayers were the only way out.

“I have been encouraging and counseling the
parents not to be discouraged or feel bad because
these are living beings created and designed by
Almighty God”, he added. Dr. Daniel and the
parents of the children are calling on the
government, philanthropists, well-wishers, non-
governmental organizations, motherless baby
homes, Pastors, Imams and all well-meaning
Nigerians to help them save the lives of their


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