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I Raped Only 6 Children -Kano Bank Driver Confesses

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I Raped Only 6 Children -Kano Bank Driver Confesses Empty I Raped Only 6 Children -Kano Bank Driver Confesses

Post by SKOOKID on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:07 am

I Raped Only 6 Children -Kano Bank Driver Confesses Rape-ibrahim

A 50-year-old driver in one of the new generation
banks, arrested for allegedly raping a 10-year-old
girl, Zainab, who feigned ignorance of the
implication of his offence, has told the police at the
Kano State Police Command, Bompai police
division, that he has successfully had carnal
knowledge of five other minors in the past.

The alleged rapist, Malam Yusif Ibrahim, a resident
of Hayye Hotoron Arewa Quarters, Nassarawa local
government area, is married, has with 11 children.

Yusif told newsmen that it all started when Zainab,
his neighbour’s daughter met him where he was
buying a local snack, ‘Awara’ for his little children
and she asked him to buy for her too but he only
had N20 on him at the time so he promised to buy
it for her at another time.

The alleged rapist said on the day of the incident,
he had just finished his night prayers and went out
to buy some things from a shop after which he
had N150 left and on his way back, he saw Zainab
close to his house and they got talking, during
which he asked her if she had fasted to which she
agreed and he promised to reward her financially.

He said he made sure Zainab entered his private
room to get the money after which “I brought out
N100 and gave her thinking it was N50 I gave
because we were in the dark and instead of her to
just go, she stayed back.

“Having seen that she was still there, I
brought her into my arms and intended to
have canal knowledge of her but she had her
pants on. I lost my erection in the process
and Zainab even helped to caress my penis to
make it erect for possible penetration but I
couldn’t penetrate her so I ejaculated on her

He also said shortly after she left, her mother came
to him and asked whether he was the person that
gave her daughter N100 and he agreed with a
promise that it will never happen again.

The driver said he was ignorant of the
consequences of his action, even as he said the
bank manager disowned him at the police station,
saying he must pay the price for his offence.

Meanwhile, Zainab’s uncle, Alhaji Magaji Yahaya,
told newsmen that Zainab’s mother confronted
him with the sad news that their neighbour had
raped little Zainab, saying she confirmed to him
that blood was coming out of her vagina when
they first saw her coming out of Malam Yusif’s

He mentioned that on that night they rushed
Zainab and the culprit to Murtala Muhammad
Specialist Hospital for medical attention and
confirmation of what really happened to their
daughter, even as he confirmed that Malam Yusif
was a serial rapist as they gathered that he raped
the daughters of Malam Musa, Malam Dan
Hussaini, Malam Haladu Gemu and Hajiya


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