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Shark found on New York subway

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Shark found on New York subway Empty Shark found on New York subway

Post by SKOOKID on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:53 am

Shark found on New York subway _69169055_subwayshark

A dead shark has been discovered on the subway
in New York City, transport officials have

The unlikely passenger, about 1.2m (4ft) long, was
found under a row of seats on a Queens-bound

The conductor asked passengers to leave the
carriage and the train continued to the end of the
line, where a supervisor disposed of the shark.
Pigeons and even an opossum have made their way
on to the trains before, but never a shark, transit
officials said.

However, where it came from remains a mystery.
Isvett Verde, of Brooklyn, New York, who took a
photo of the shark, said she noticed that the empty
carriage of the N train "smelled extremely fishy"
when she boarded at 8th Street.

"It's hard to be surprised as there are always crazy
things happening in this city, but even that was a bit
much," she told the BBC.

Other pictures of the exotic discovery have also
gone viral, including one of the shark with a
cigarette in its mouth next to a fare card and a can
of energy drink. lol!

Shark found on New York subway _69187488_juandcano4


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