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Egypt Morsi Camps: '250 Die' As Police Move In

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Egypt Morsi Camps: '250 Die' As Police Move In Empty Egypt Morsi Camps: '250 Die' As Police Move In

Post by SKOOKID on Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:37 am

Egyptian police have been clearing two protest
camps loyal to deposed president Mohamed Morsi,
with reports 250 people were killed by security

The sound of gunfire rang out as police, backed by
armoured vehicles and bulldozers, fired tear gas at
the demonstrators who are demanding Mr Morsi
be reinstated as the country's leader.

Sky's Sam Kiley at the scene of the Rabaa al
Adawiya camp said it was "under very heavy

He added: "There are machine gun rounds and
snipers on the roof that are preventing people from
getting any closer to the field hospital.
"There is a very large fire that I understand is
burning tents and other material that was being
used by the group."

However, army troops were not taking part in the
operation which began shortly after 7am local time
in the capital Cairo.

The interior ministry, which is in charge of police,
warned security forces would deal firmly with
protesters acting "irresponsibly" and said it would
guarantee safe passage to those who want to leave
the two sites.

The larger is the Rabaa al Adawiya camp described
as a 'mini town', while the other is in Al Nahda
Square outside the main campus of Cairo University
in Giza.

The interior ministry said security forces have "total
control" over the smaller camp and police have
managed to remove most of the tents in the square.
Meanwhile, at the edge of the sprawling Rabaa
camp, Murad Ahmed said: "It is nasty inside, they
are destroying our tents. We can't breath inside and
many people are in hospital."

A journalist at the scene said he could hear the
screams of women as a cloud of white smoke hung
over the site in the eastern suburb of Nasr City.

The Muslim Brotherhood that backs
ousted Islamist president Mr Morsi claimed over
250 people had been killed and 5,000 hurt in the
crackdown, which is almost certain to deepen
political turmoil in Egypt.

The raids came after international efforts failed to
mediate an end to a six-week political
standoff between Morsi's supporters and the army-
backed government which took power after he was
ousted on July 3.

The state news agency claimed two policemen had
been killed by gunfire during the operation.
Regional television networks showed images of
collapsed tents and burning tyres at both sites, with
ambulances on standby at the scene.

They also showed protesters being arrested and led
away by troops.

A television feed by a pro-Morsi TV station showed
thousands of protesters gathered at the centre of
the Nasr City site, with many covering their faces to
fend off the tear gas.

It said most of the protesters at the other camp fled
to the nearby Orman botanical gardens and inside
the sprawling university campus.


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