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Former Police Barrack Turns To Rapists And Hemp Smokers’ Den

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Former Police Barrack Turns To Rapists And Hemp Smokers’ Den Empty Former Police Barrack Turns To Rapists And Hemp Smokers’ Den

Post by SKOOKID on Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:26 am

Former Police Barrack Turns To Rapists And Hemp Smokers’ Den Atitebi-police-barracks-360x225

Barely seven months after its occupants were
ejected, the Atitebi Police Barracks in Ebute Meta,
Lagos State, has turned into a spot where
hoodlums smoke hemp and rape young girls.

People living close to the barracks said the
hoodlums sneak into the premises and rob at

A source, who pleaded anonymity, told that the building was formerly
occupied by some policemen, who were ejected in
January 2013 on the excuse that it was due for

The source said, “The place was formerly occupied
by some policemen. But they were given quit
notice, saying it was due for renovation. But when
they did not quit, they were ejected in January.

“Since then, we see all manner of things in that
place. Hoodlums have now taken over the place.

They smoke Indian hemp openly and even rape
innocent girls at night.

“When they snatch bags and get into that place,
that’s the end of the story.”

A trader, who said he had been living close to the
barracks for a long time, added that the hoodlums
who take refuge in the building were many.

He said, “I cannot count the number of hoodlums
living there. This place started to degenerate
immediately the policemen were asked to leave. It’s
very unfortunate.”

reporters visited the complex and observed that
the corridors were littered with faeces and heaps
of refuse.

The Stench of marijuana and urine also filled the
air as many of the urchins hurriedly moved out
through the stairways on sighting our
correspondent, who they thought was a law
enforcement agent.

It was discovered that although there was only one
entrance leading to the barracks, five different exit
doors had been created at the back.

The entrance to the barracks faces the Ebute Meta
Magistrate Court while the exit points lead to the
Ebute Meta railway line.

A secondary school pupil living opposite the
barracks said he had seen a number of girls being
dragged into the abandoned barracks.

He said, “I live opposite the barracks. Since the
evacuation of the policemen, I have heard that
those area boys rape some innocent girls there.
Any time they steal anything and they run into the
place, they mysteriously disappear.”

A middle-aged woman living around the area’ who
spoke on condition of anonymity’ said the police
used to arrest the hoodlums in the building but
stopped doing so because they kept returning.

She said, “We all live in fear here. That day, they
came and forced the people living in the building
out, saying they wanted to renovate the place. Why
ask them to leave when you know you are not
ready to reconstruct it?”

The state command’s Police Public Relations
Officer, Ngozi Braide, neither picked her calls nor
returned the text messages sent to her.

When the Lagos State Building Control Agency was
contacted, an official said the agency would send
some of its officers to inspect the building on
Monday (today).


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